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The Story

The word "Ki Noko" is the Japanese word for mushroom. When you break the word up into two parts the translation becomes "Child of the Tree".

Hey, my name is Erika and i am the owner of Ki Noko Crafts ✴ I am Japanese but I was born in the UK and brought up in Scotland all my life and now I reside in Israel with my partner.

I am a nature lover in all aspects of the phrase. I have been a vegan for 3 years now and I truly believe that this planet provides us everything that we need in this world to live a loving, fulfilling and happy life. What we do on this planet is our individual choice. However I therefore believe that it is our responsibility to look after, nurture and protect our planet. This belief will always be reflected in my business and my practice and I will always make effort to be zero waste (I save all my scraps for future projects) and as eco friendly as possible. All packaging is made up of eco friendly and reclaimed materials. It can all be recycled, including the tape! There is no single use plastics used anywhere.

I make macrame products both macro, such as decor (all made from recycled cotton cord and part of a zero waste process also!) and micro, such as jewelry!

My work is inspired daily by the incredible mother nature that surrounds us and I truly hope that this love and appreciation for nature can be seen and felt in my creations. I love to include as much of nature's raw beauty in my work as I can. The wood that I use for decor are all foraged pieces of local wood, found on the mountains of north israel. Nature's magical crystals are all cleansed with selected fresh water sources and/or with sage and/or Palo Santo. My dyed string is hand dyed using a chemical free, vegan and entirely natural process using plant materials for pigments and mordants.

I want to show the sheer amount of possibilities we can harvest from nature in my work and hope to inspire and remind others of the magic and beauty that we have all around us on this planet. Let us all reconnect back to our mothership earth and treat all lives equally 💚

Lots of Love,
Erika xoxo


Custom Enquiries

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any queries surrounding custom creations. 

  • Regular customs: If you have a specific design in mind, contact me with a description of your ideas and please have photos of inspiration ready to be forwarded.

  • Intuitive Customs: Intuitive customs means a creation that is made, based entirely on the creators intuition. This option gives the creator complete artistic and creative freedom and means that your product is entirely unique, One of a kind and is usually designed in the process of knotting, rather than planned and pre meditated.

  • Personal item inclusion: I am happy to be sent personal items that you may wish to include in your product. For example, If you have a specific crystal that you want in a hanger, or maybe you want to make an extra special, personalised present for a friend, please get in touch so we can discuss all the exciting possibilities.



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