The Spirit Tripping Collection; Feel enchanted ✨🌙🌿

The combination between the Amethyst Cactus Quartz, the Rainbow Moonstone and the Rose Quartz crystals create an unbelievable combination of complimentary energies! It is a highly spiritual combination and the amethyst cactus quartz brings multi dimensional healing. It also carries a powerful Divine feminine energy that is connected to the tides of the moon and it's phases as well as holding the more nurturing and comforting , feminine energies that emanates from the rose quartz.  Overall this crystal combination brings a high vibrational, feminine, nurturing, healing and spiritual energies that help open up your higher chakras.


1x Raw Cactus Amethyst Quartz Point
1x Rainbow Moonstone Cabochon
3x Rose Quartz beads


- Made with 2 Shades of Brown string and Pearly Ivory string
- Length is fully adjustable
- Made with waxed cotton cord
- 100% Handmade with love
- Sent with full crystal info cards
- Sent always in plastic free packaging

Spirit Tripping necklace in Ivory & Brown



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